Posted by: sarahmeyers | April 29, 2007

Pro Care’s Value Goes Up, FCS 2 Is Out

      What’s the best (cheapest) deal Apple has to offer? Some say Pro Care. I agree with them; you get the most out of your Mac (and your buck) with Pro Care. With Final Cut Studio 2 coming out you will have to adjust to the system and will probably be making an appointment to get some help.

      Pro Care is there for you if you find yourself in London, or if you want to book a Final Cut Studio 2 session in Tokyo, all you have to do is go to the retail store and make an appointment. You will receive one on one lesions and assistance. What’s the best part? It’s only $99.00 a year!

      I love the Final Cut Studio 2. It’s a bit expensive at $1,299.00 for one license (that you can only legally use on one computer). However, it will let you communicate with others. It kind of reminds me of the sharing capabilities of a start-up, Octopuz, who’s booth I checked out at Web 2.0 last week.

     I will close by saying that I don’t want to write about Final Cut Studio 2 until I get it and am able to give a users account. I have one license of FCS 2 on order.



  1. I don’t know much about Apple, but this Pro Care sounds like a smart investment! keep up the good work! 🙂


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