Posted by: sarahmeyers | April 29, 2007

Yahoo Go for Mobile 2.0

At the Yahoo! Open House I got to see their new space in
San Francisco- they had pizza delivered in boxes- The Brick House team, design innovation team, Jumpcut and Yahoo! Video  private rooms where the press could see demos. I got a first hand look at the mobile Yahoo! Platform.

The party was invite only with selected press invites to boot. It was my pleasure to see Marry Hodder, Dan Farber, Irina Slutsky, Mike Arrington, and Keith Teare.  

The Design Innovation Team, called “yHaus,” was founded by Jerry Yang in September, 2006 to encourage fresh design driven innovation at Yahoo!.

Jumpcut is a video web application that will edit video online and it emphasizes remixing. (I’m curious to watch the long term legal ramifications that come with remixing video online).

I got to see the Yahoo! mobile products. I like the fresh look of Yahoo! Go on the mobile screen. I tried it out on the n93 (when will everyone be using the n95i?) and the razor cell phone. The design was nice with a good color combination, blue and orange (my personal favorite) and two complementary colors.

Yahoo! Go is what works. Why? It brings the PC to the mobile phone. How? They are partnering with certain sites, like Flickr, so their icon will appear at the bottom menu on the phone. This reminds me of the Mac display icon menu except you can’t customize it at this point in time. They are not announcing when they are going to do this, but they will be opening up the API’s to 3rd parties in the future.

Yahoo! Go is serving ads on the side of the search on the mobile. If you are a publisher there is an option to advertise your site if the site matches the tags that people are searching for.

Services are so important! Hopefully sooner than later they will be thousands of widgets so you can custom build the experience.

I’m curious to what they are doing with the Yahoo! Mobile Advertising and, importantly, Yahoo! Mobile Publisher Network (YMPN) that launched March, 2007. If you are a publisher what are your options? They have announced that there will be a revenue share, but I don’t know if it will be fair. They say they want to be the leader and number 1 in mobile monetization and that will take beating out their competition with a generous revenue share.




  1. Hey! I like your info on Yahoo…very interesting. I’ll have to Go check these updates with Thanks for sharing! LOVE the page and the color..I’m so proud of you!


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