Posted by: sarahmeyers | June 28, 2007

Sarah TV The Web Video Summit is taking place today in San Jose, California. I went yesterday to scope it out and pick up a web cam from Justin Kan of

 The coordinator of the conference found out that Justin was giving me a channel on and took us on stage to give the announcement. When up there, I talked about the two shows we are launching on the channel. The first show will take place every Thursday.  The other show will be a feedback oriented one where I talk directly to the audience and interact with them.

 I will be at the Mac store tonight and tomorrow for the launch of the iphone. Don’t forget to drop by my channel on to watch the live stream or, if you can’t make that, watch my webisode on tonight and tomorrow. 



  1. Yo yo!!! Where is the link?

  2. Sounds cool. But – I am not quite as ‘up to the minute’ as you. Any chance you could pop in the url to the webisode? I’ve never tried gizmodo – or if I have, I did not notice.

    Thanks from the greying hair but still trying to keep up types.


  3. O.M.G! hahahahaha 😀

    I’ll watch! 😀

    I hereby call an EMERGENCY Frisbee game for a Thursday!!! 😀

  4. that’s a lovely smile!

  5. Bill- I can’t wait to do a show on frisbee 2.0 in NYC next time I am there! We can do interviews with everyone there and if the viewers want to watch the whole game we may film that too.


    I will post more links as they come if you guys want me to.


  7. […] go from there? At the Web Video Summit in San Jose Thursday, Sarah Meyers was dragged on stage to announce her new channels on The young video personality has been filing video reports for gadget blog Gizmodo lately, but […]

  8. take off your iphone shirt!

  9. thats a stoner face.. btw nice optimus prime prank 😉
    you rock girl

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