Posted by: sarahmeyers | June 29, 2007

The iPhone Loves You

blam iphone shirtblam iphone shirtI’m at the Mac store in San Francisco with Gizmodo today. We got a bunch of iPhone T-Shirts made that say “The iPhone Loves You” and on the back it reads, “but hates dumb phones.” Richard Blakeley, who does the media production for Gawker, filmed me interviewing people in line at the Mac store and at the AT&T store. Here are my questions:

How many megapixels? 2.0

When was it announced? Macworld 07

What are the iphones three functions? Internet, phone, ipod

Who has the best iphone coverage? Gizmodo.

What is the screen made of? Glass.

What’s special about the voicemail? visual voicemail

What Internet connection does it have? EDGE.

Does it have 3G? No.

If they get two out of three right we give them a shirt. Most people got all of the questions right and a few of them even knew who I was from my blog or video blogs. I’m taking two shirts home.



  1. what do i have to do to get the shirt? I love it. 🙂

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