Posted by: sarahmeyers | June 29, 2007

iWait Line Wave

Lisa, James and I went to the end of the massively crowded line that wraps around the block here in San Francisco. Lisa and I held the Tshirts that say “The iPhone Loves You.” James holds up a mega phone to his mouth and announces that we will be doing an iphone wave. We run down past everyone and throw out the T-shirts as they stand up for the wave.

We had a pretty good responce to the iphone wave too! Everyone got on their feet and started the cheer as we walked past them getting them pumped up. The last guy who asked for a shirt realized that I had run out. So I decided to take the shirt off my back and give it to him. Watch the video here.



  1. Sarah, How long before Apple exhausts the supply of early adopters and has to drop the price of the iPhone, do you think ?

  2. Andybob, I give Apple 10 months to drop the price, but I don’t think AT&T will drop their price.

  3. Yup — if you weren’t a rabid fan of the iPhone from the start, Sara steps it up with a ‘Sara Goes Wild’ to keep the crowd in an even frenzy (works even better if extracted and played as a loop in QuickTime). This is indeed what Apple has been lacking in their still-popular marketing campaigns! 🙂

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