Posted by: sarahmeyers | July 2, 2007

Second Best Transformer

img_0288.jpgToday is the last day of BotCon, a conference in Providence, Rhode Island where there are over 200 tables of Transformers collectibles. Optimus Prime generation one is the best of all time, but if we have to choose a second up we are going to go with the voice changing helmet I am wearing in the picture. It’s got spoke glass hearing holes so you don’t get hit by a car. It’s got electronics in it: sound effects in it and a voice changer.

If you would like to watch the process of taking this picture you may see it here:

Someone went ahead and recorded it to the news feed on and it got 14 diggs. This is my first time sharing a video on that a fan captured in real time.



  1. WTF???

  2. You should attach the camera on that for a day. That way, we can be Optimus too.

  3. I will do so at 4:00 pm today. Watch

  4. I just loved watching you drive and sing along with Norah. Amazing. made me smile inside

    thank you for taking us along. most favorite clip since JustinTv started

  5. I saw the McFatties Drive-Thru video on Gizmodo……’re my new hero, hahahahaha

  6. For a split-second I was afraid the manager was going to transform into Devastator or Omega Supreme and it was going to be curtains for our hero. Luckily, he knew what was best for him. Foiled again!

  7. Is that you in that Gizmodo video going through the drive thru? If so… you rock. Actually you rock anyways.

  8. Thank you. That was so fun. I’m glad the police didn’t come!

  9. I think I love you!

  10. hello i like so much you hwebsite,, im from brasil,

  11. […] take pride in bringing the leader of the mega-bots, Optimus Prime, to life. When wearing the Optimus Prime helmet (that belongs to Brian Lam and I really need to return it) I often feel a […]

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