Posted by: sarahmeyers | July 5, 2007

Optimus Prime Refused Service At McDonalds

Feeling hungry and mischievous, Richard Blakeley and I headed down to McDonald’s for some good old American food. I put on the Optimus Prime helmet and I was transformed into Optimus Prime. Being a transformer isn’t easy, let me tell you. I tried to order a happy meal with a boy toy when they asked me to come to the front window. Upon arriving they called the manager who came out to write down my license plate information on my car! Not only did they call the police on us, but they are now asking that Gizmodo and the Consumerist of Gawker media remove the video from the site. Little to they know I also filmed it on Sarah TV on the Justin.TV network and if you really have the time search my archives for July 2nd, 2007 at 4:15PM.

This is what they said:

“I am the manager at this McDonald’s and I want you to remove this video from your site before I take legal action. They have no right to video tape us. If I still see this posting on July 5,2007. I will forward their names and your website to my corp office and start legal action.

please reply to me asap”

We should protest! This is discrimination against robots!



  1. I produce a morning radio show on 95CRAVE in Vancouver. Maybe you’d be interested in doing a telephone interview with us on your drive-through experience; ridiculous!!

  2. Lol, that rocks!

  3. LOL I know.
    Tara- I would like to do that. send me an email and we can work out the details:

  4. Will you tell us the name of the manager and the address of the McDonalds?

  5. yes. email me and I will get that info to you

  6. Wow, you’re retarded

  7. Way to stick it to those minimum wage earners! Good jerb!

  8. Wow, you hassled some poor minimum wage slave for a gag and made a video of it. Impressive.

  9. my four year loves this video clip and has memorized the “i want a boy toy for my happy meal” and some other funny dialogue.

    You’re a hit! If you have the file i would love to have it for archival reasons purely 🙂

  10. im thinking 20 optimus prime helmets, a few “fair and equal treatment now” signs, and a megaphone.

  11. You are my RobotHero!

  12. I came here via Gizmodo.

    LOL, what you guys did is funny. the lawsuit part is stupid though. Very stupid. Send some Decepticons over to their corporate office and hammer out a compromise.

    By the way, you look cute 🙂

  13. “Wow, you hassled some poor minimum wage slave for a gag and made a video of it. Impressive.”

    Oh please! I’ve worked minimum wage jobs and this hardly qualifies as hassling! This drone had no sense of humor and seriously blew a harmless situation way out of proportion. … a trait found in low-mid level management who relish in what little power they believe they wield within the corporate structure. (I’ve seen this time and time again…)

    David Letterman and Conan O’Brian have done drive-thru gags as well, and you don’t see this kind of reaction…. Granted, Letterman has also defused the situation by bringing flowers to the window afterwards…. Maybe Optimus could have defused this guy by bringing him a sense of humor and taking away his sense of self-importance.

  14. glorious! where can I get one of those masks?

  15. How did you make your picture show up next to your post in the comments? Email me with reply please, sarah

  16. Damn these humans! They see something different, unusual and they go nuts about it. How hard is it to take an order? Only babies can’t do that.

  17. Oh My God…

  18. […] Optimus Prime Refused Service At McDonalds [YouTube] Feeling hungry and mischievous, Richard Blakeley and I headed down to McDonald’s for some good old […] […]

  19. That is too great! LOL – thank you I needed a good laugh for the day.

  20. Glorious! What is the world coming to when even an Autobot can’t get a Buger and Boy-toy without being suspected of terrorism… ROFL – thanks for making my morning.

  21. Perhaps if you’d SuperSized it, he wouldn’t have called the police. And anyway, what are you sullying your mechanical innards for? You eat Energon!

    …and if that’s not a valid reason why I’m not getting dates, I don’t know what is.

  22. Your right! I should have super sized it! Thats what I should do at Burger King. I should ask Burger King to super size it.

  23. You can bet they were taping you. If you complained about that I’m sure they would claim you had ‘no reasonable expectation of privacy’ in a public place.

    They similarly have no reason to expect they won’t be on camera.

  24. In our town, people rob Burger Kings dressed in things like false Muslim hoods. If it were me as manager, I would be concerned also..

  25. A but late I know, but, have you also taken into account that you ordered a “chalupa” something that McDonalds doesn’t serve? I think that you were there to make a mockery of the experience more then you were just ordering food and that I think is the issue. Had you started by ordered food available on their menu and they refused you service simply for wearing the helmet, then I would be more on your side, but as it stands, you were making a joke at their expense and then blaming themfor not having a sense of humor.

    Don’t get me wrong, that was really funny, just not executed properly, imo.

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  27. Okay. McDonalds now sux even more now than they ever did before! That’s one priceless video! Great work!

  28. funny thing is i worked at taco bell (LONG LONG ago) and me and a friend had a blast there! we woulda laughed our ass off at something like this, and asked for url’s to the video 😉

  29. […] I take pride in bringing the leader of the mega-bots, Optimus Prime, to life. When wearing the Optimus Prime helmet (that belongs to Brian Lam and I really need to return it) I often feel a certain character come upon me. It basically feels like Optimus Prime in a females body. She wants to run, fight, kick, fly, transform and eat fast food. The day before the movie launch I got to take this helmet out to order a happy meal at McDonalds. Watch the movie to see what happened. […]

  30. […] pulled a stunt where I dressed up as Optimus Prime from Transformers and tried to order from McDonald’s for Gizmodo in San […]

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