Posted by: sarahmeyers | July 6, 2007

Autonomous Robots Dominate Humans: Coming Soon

WowWee’s RoboquadWhat’s the next step to autonomous robots taking over the world? You tell me because I would like to know. The police are concerned about the mafia building robots and half-human half-robot armies that may be close to indestructible.

PC Magazine calls WowWee’s autonomous Roboquad “unlike any other toy or robot.” You can make up it’s personality so it’s aggressive or hyper-active depending on what you like.

This is a firefighting robot that’s autonomous. I was able to capture this video at the Maker’s Fair. Both robots have infrared sensors that help them navigate around. If this is where autonomous robots are at (blowing out candles and dancing about) I’m not too concerned about them building armies for the time being. However, if someone offered to make me half-human half-robot and join their army I would probably say not to the army part and yes to the robot part.



  1. Yay robots!

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