Posted by: sarahmeyers | July 12, 2007

Back In 1994

This video was created by Richard Seltzer and Berthold Langer in February 1994. This was to show the business possibilities of the Internet back in the day. Can you believe people couldn’t imagine it? That’s what some business people think today about video on the Internet.

Found via Waxy.



  1. That’s some cheesy corporate video by Digital ! I liked their computers though. They had a model called the ‘VAX’ which in the UK at around that time made most people think of a particular vacuum cleaner with the same brand name.

    I don’t think there was any danger of confusion between the two so I guess they must have ‘shared’ the brand name.

  2. AndyBob,

    The thing about trademark and building a brand is that if the area of business is in no way competition and you can have the same name.

    For example, if I like the name Keds, also the name of a shoe company, and want to start a social network about start-up businesses then I can use the name Keds for my social network because it does not have anything to do with shoes.

  3. It’s pretty wild to see all those plain text HTML pages- that was the cutting edge then!! 🙂

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