Posted by: sarahmeyers | July 16, 2007

Word Of Blog For Non-Profits

Word of Blog helps people spread the word about things they like on blogs. It’s a new free service that people can use to create badges for events, parties, people, blogs bands, politicians, websites, fan sites and just about anything you like.

To find out more about Word of Blog please click here.

This is one of the best services I’ve seen for non-profit organizations. If you have a non-profit that you would like others to know about then just apply for a badge to get the code. When you get the HTML code spread it around to all of your friends and have them put it in their blogs.

I would like to nominate Summer Search as a non-profit that could benefit from this badge. If I get them approved I would love my friends to put the badge in their site. Summer Search helps inner city students whom come from disadvantaged families to gain more opportunities by awarding them summer scholarships for experiential and educational programs.

I suggested that Tantek help Summer Search out with his extra time when I updated his wiki today.



  1. But who makes the graphics for the badges? A lot of people who need help with coding also need help with graphics, don’t they?

    It does look like a fine idea though, if a little league district I was involved with would ever redo their website like there web site like they really need to I would nominate them. Right now though it’s hardly a blog site.

  2. So this word of blog thing is not necessarily meant exclusively for non-profits, but you’re right that it could really be helpful to them. There are a lot of dumb badges in there, though… superficial, inconsequential stuff.
    Do you have to meet certain qualifications to get a badge?
    The info’s probably right there, but I didn’t read it…

  3. It’s not just for non-profits, but it’s a great tool for non-profits to use! You do have to meet some qualifications if you are considering yourself to be a non-profit organization..

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