Posted by: sarahmeyers | July 17, 2007

Real Transformers Really Are From Japan

In the movie some kids says that the real transformers come from Japan. I guess he’s right. This transformer is real and came from Japan earlier this year in what seems to be some sort of show as it is on display. It transforms from car function to robot power machine!

I found this via Gizmodo.



  1. This was kewl now they just need to make them bigger. Just not take over the world big. LOL.

  2. I never knew that they had actual transforming robots. Now the ones you do with your hands are ghetto now.

  3. …transformers, robots in disguise!

    That was absolutely amazing

  4. I know! And this video got to the front page of Digg via some other blog that found it yesterday!

  5. Thanks for the invite…

  6. Killer Transformers

    Transformers info

  7. […] developers, cultivators and creators causes a debate. YouTube tests Hollywood and brings a part of Japanese culture for all of us to […]

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