Posted by: sarahmeyers | July 22, 2007

Wikipedia VS Encyclopedia

picture-1.pngThe “oldest language general” of the English language is defined as the Encyclopedia. And the oldest Encyclopedia is Britannica, however there are many errors that have occurred in the English Britannica Encyclopedia that have been corrected in a Wikipedia. To glaze the icing on the cake the Britannica Encyclopedia goes as far to call Wikipedia an encyclopedia. The main reason for the dispute by Wikipedia is that the Encyclopedia has erroneously defined Wikipedia by the definition of “oldest.”

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  1. Well, both Wikipedia and Britannica are decent places to initially research topics, but neither are primary source. One should not cite either in their bibliography. Each has their own benefits:

    Britannica, professional editors and contributors with credibility.

    Wikipedia, continual editing by active users without bureaucracy.

  2. I imagine that there are errors in Wikipedia too. Sometimes errors are really not errors but caused by differences in how people weigh circumstantial evidence as to aspects of a fact.

    I use both sources for historical and current event investigations as a hobby.

    The golden rule is that just because its written doesn’t make it so. Or so I have read.

  3. Wikipedia is a great reference tool that I use often. And since it is constantly updated by its users, I always have current and relevant information at my fingertips. It’s also a lot less cumbersome than a bajillion volumes of encyclopedias that would just be collecting dust on my bookshelf, anyway.

  4. Britannica on DVD/HD is nice

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