Posted by: sarahmeyers | July 23, 2007

Philippino Prisoners Dance To Thriller

Thanks Boing Boing for posting this funny video of Philippino prisoners reenacting Michael Jackson’s Thriller video. Obviously Michael Jackson is internationally recognized and his music can transfer and transcend cultures. The best part is at 4:15 when the prisoners turn into zombies.

This is just to give you some background on the video. I like the 3:11 mark.



  1. How come American Prisons aren’t as creative??? OH right we kill each other when we get there. Funny stuff

  2. OMG this is hilarious! This may be better then this one!

  3. Yes! totally!

  4. Voll geil!!!!!!!!!

  5. This is unrelated to your post but I wanted to let you know since I know you like robots that theres this awesome shirt over @ threadless

  6. LOL! totally unrelated, but thank you for the link. That is sooo funny and cute 🙂

  7. Sarah, it’s Filipino. 😉

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