Posted by: sarahmeyers | July 24, 2007

Video Resumes

Yesterday I was updating my resume when I found an amazing thing start to happen. The camera was broadcasting the video live to the website and I found the experience to take me by surprise. I first wrote in my schedule that I was planning to be working on the resume and posted that in the morning.

The viewers who were interested in coming back to watch later did so and brought some helpful links. The template I used was given to me in an email that I left on the JTV site (, diction choices were helped and debated upon in the chat room, and even a helpful link to Boston College was sent my way to explain the best 5 simple steps to creating a powerful resume.

One link to the front page of Yahoo provided me with a video interview about resumes and one off of FOX about video resumes. I was directed to a new business coming out with video resume market places. The result of me streaming resulted in an excellent resume and a solid plan to create an impressionable video resume. It was a great experience to have the help from others and the opinions of the viewers.



  1. You may want to check out the “video resumes” section on There are links to resources, companies that can help, and of course there are video resumes too.

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