Posted by: sarahmeyers | July 30, 2007

Julia Allison On Tech Crunch

Julia, tech guys like Internet famous women. After the viral effect of this video I don’t think you will have a hard time finding the geek man of your dreams because they will find you, LOL! Actually, my experience in Silicon Valley is that the men don’t care if you are a golddigger or not, they just care that you are a woman. With the 98% male population in tech us woman are the ones who choose. That’s why these lovely ladies should leave New York City and come here. If it’s so hard to find a man in New York, that is.

I was delightfully surprised that at the Tech Crunch party there were actually 30% women! I flocked to get them on camera when I saw the spectacle.



  1. “We need to be smart”,tards!!! I hope that they will get for what they asked. where’s the fat wallet? lol

  2. […] here for the video that started it […]

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