Posted by: sarahmeyers | August 1, 2007

Party Crasher Wannabe

pinups05.jpgOn Saturday night, I crashed into the Laughing Squid Paradise Lost party. To my surprise I was not the only party crasher at the party that night. Julia Allison too tried to crash the party, but she was unsuccessful at her crash. Lucky she had a friend with her to pay the $10 entrance fee! Valleywag has the full report.

According to Valleywag everyone seems to be happy the New York editor of Star is gone. Well, maybe not everyone that is.

Photo brought to you by the Gawker Pin-ups.

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  1. Haha!

  2. Wasn’t that a charity event or some kind of fundraiser? Who tries to get into a charity event for free? Uhm, I mean unless you are professional party crasher…phew that was a good recovery.

    Sounds like you and Ms. Allison need to schedule a vlogdeathmatch.
    I will buy the first ticket!

  3. I agree with you Sarah Julia Allison is a party crasher wanna be, for the
    sole purpose of financially exploiting geeks who quote on quote got a
    fat wallet. She’s not even a real geek, she just wanna be on the geek
    trend bandwagon for all the wrong reasons, gold diggers have no place
    in the geek world and the geek culture.

  4. I do agree with you Sarah, Julia Allison is a party crasher wanna be
    trying to steal your title really for the sole purpose and for the wrong
    reason just to try to hook up with geeks with fat wallets. Gold Diggers have no place in the geek world and in the geek culture.

  5. Very nice.

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