Posted by: sarahmeyers | August 2, 2007

Facebook 2.0

Last night I attended Facebook 2.0, a lunch turned cocktail hour mixer, at the cafeteria of Facebook’s headquarters in Palo Alto, Ca. It’s a time where everyone from bloggers to developers drank beer while Megan Marks introduces the recruiters. Their pitch was to the point, we are hiring, and the room filled with excitement.



  1. i didn’t know princess lea had an alternative career as a geek party crasher 😉

  2. Nice coverage as always Sarah.You really have a way with the “geeks” 🙂 Did he say pre I.P.O.? Oh my.

  3. Good feedback Sarah, you asked some great questions. You’re a natural at reporting, keep up the good work!

  4. There’s a slight Scarlet Johansen resemblence with your hari like that.

  5. hey nice work sarah, keep up the good work, rathlone, aka stringerbell.

  6. Princess Lea is so pretty! Glad to see another party!

  7. Thanks everybody! I will be posing one more video from the event, but I may post two. Has anyone ever scored a date off of Facebook?

  8. […] Facebook 2.0!? […]

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