Posted by: sarahmeyers | August 3, 2007

Facebook 2.0 Lunch Videos


Scott Beale from the Laughing Squid took this picture of me at Facebook yesterday for Lunch 2.0. Thanks Scott! I love the color and it’s a an interesting story that I was streaming via a 4pin to 4pin, hooked up to that Sony you see and the laptop, while I was interviewing the guests at the party. The quality of my stream is excellent when I do it from an HD camera.

Randi Zuckerberg is Mark Zuckerberg’s sister, has some You Tube celebrity status, but mostly she is a Producer at Facebook. Her friend Jen also produces videos.

Enric helped me with the video shooting!



  1. Nice combo of photo, descriptions and video 😉

  2. Yes! And thank you for helping me! I can’t believe I forgot to link to you!!!

  3. I have noticed in your videos when you interview someone, you always seem to ask them questions that forces the person being interviewed to think, questions that require more than a one or two word response. Also when you ask these questions you seem to give the person the needed room to answer as they deem fit without jumping on their toes with your two cents. It’s really refreshing, you do good work, keep it up.

  4. Sarah,

    What is that bluetooth mike that you were using?

  5. The bluetooth mic is great. It’s made by Sony and you can get them with any HD cam.

  6. Thanks, Sarah…and I got plenty of links on the Valleywag posts. 😉

  7. Sarah you do great interviews and you are a great role model to others. I am on my school’s newspaper team and we a lot of interviews. Keep up the good work! But I was wondering: when you do interviews do you plan out your questions before hand?

  8. Gettegeek- I hope I will always be a good role model to others. Keep working in news, it could turn into a fine career! And yes I do write out questions before hand, but mostly have an over all idea or concept that I attack.

  9. So, Sarah, when are we gonna start seeing you on CNN?

  10. I don’t know. Maybe I could be a correspondent for them one day. Keep dreaming.

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