Posted by: sarahmeyers | August 3, 2007

Funky Robot Videos

This video I found on Rocketboom today and laughed pretty hard at the end.

This one is fake.

This new Bear Robot is supposed to help in War, like the war on Terror, to save wounded soldiers while still in combat. It looks a little too humanoid for this kind of job. You would think they would make one with a camo design, but this one is white; let’s hope that it does not get shot at while saving wounded soldiers. The Bear Robot can pick up 500 pounds and carry the person for 50 minuets.



  1. Gotta love it. The Asians have human-like robots with conversational skills and America has the “Roomba”. Hmmm.

    The second vid reminds me of a scene from The Terminator. Those thing are cool. Johnny 5 is alive.

  2. Also, it’s amazing how real the girl robots look and their movement is pretty fluid too. They should marry this technology with the technology from this link. **Warning** for mature audiences.

    I recently heard about this website on HBO and I just thought it was timely and relevant to your topic. A little funny too.

    Sorry in advance Sarah, if you find this offensive. I hope this is not too dirty for your blog.
    Feel free bitch slap me if it is.

  3. Gosh I remember the chat that led to this! lol it was cool talking about bots!

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