Posted by: sarahmeyers | August 4, 2007

Lifecast Stutter And Clairification

Uncov, a blog similar to Valley Wag reports on Silicon Valley and the social scene in tech. They had a party at Mars Bar in San Francisco’s SOMA district on Friday night that I attended with my friend, Dori, who is visiting this week from Florida. Earlier that day I had put on my life cast schedule that I would broadcast at 9pm PST.

I messed up and didn’t come on when I said I would; I was 2 hours late. This is the first time I have made the mistake of posting a time to go live and not being there when I said I would. I don’t know if the other life casters can relate, but I would like to know if anyone else has made the same mistake and what they did to make up for it.

After one beer and a drunken interview with Jonathan Abrams (below) I turned on my life cast and Dori and I left the party.

Apparently the EVDO wireless Internet access was choppy in SOMA that night. According to Benthedude and Bigdrop, the stream was choppy:

11:41 benthedude: “lag much?”
11:42 bigdrop: “yah, when on the move it really sucks.”

I had a conversation with Dori about how the Muni doesn’t regularly check your pass. It’s not like the Subway in New York where you can only board by passing through gates, it’s just based on a regular inspection of your tickets that seldom comes. In this conversation either the stream cut in and out to only let everyone hear one part or Scott was just listening to one part of the conversation, but either way it does not represent the truth.

11:42 scott: “sarah is a muni fare-evader.”
11:44 bigdrop: “what the heck does that mean?”
11:44 scott: “she was talking about not having to pay the bus fare”

I have always paid my Muni fare. There is not a time where I board the Muni, train, with out paying the fare! it’s only $1.50 and usually I buy the month passes. Scott goes on:

11:44 scott: “now she is making fun of her viewers”
11:45 scott: “someone here donated to her?”
11:47 bigdrop: “i haven’t”

In all due respect, Scott, you are jumping to conclusions and obviously don’t trust me. If the feed was as bad as Benthedude and Bigdrop said then you would have not jumped to conclusions and waited to ask me about it when I joined the chat at 11:58pm. Before this incident Scott was a loyal commenter rating just below iguy in my stats by Mark.

I would never mock my viewers, though laughing and not making fun. My viewers from life casting are giving me more opportunities than I ever imagined and I am building meaningful relationships. All I have to say to everyone who watches is thank you for your love and support; I feel privileged you care.



  1. This guy Scott, (way) overreacted to the situation. First of all the fact that we can even watch these live feeds on the web is really amazing when you think about it. So, for Scott or anyone else for that matter, to get pissed off at you because of some miscommunication due to some lagging, is just f$#%ing ridiculous. This technology has not been perfected yet, so we should expect some hiccups from time to time.

    Sarah, you’ve always been the most generous and genuine of all the lifecasters on JTV. I always have fun watching/interacting with you. Whether your party crashing, professing your love for “The Woz” or simply getting a little lost while driving. Your alway interesting and I will continue to watch.

  2. Sarah you are a great buddy to all of your loyal viewers. And as avandalay said this is new (lifecasting) so there will be some drop ins and outs. I remember that time last week when your flash messed up and nobody could see you.

    To sum up, you are so far one of the best lifecasters on JTV. I have myself may have only been on here a short time but so far have enjoyed seeing you go to parties and just living a good life. Keep it Sarah and many good things will come!

  3. Can we kiss and make up?

    But seriously, I think you are overreacting to my comments. I am somewhat “honored” that you would even care about what I said, but most of what I say in chat is not meant to be serious, and I don’t think most viewers take other chatters that seriously either.

    I rewatched the archive of when you were talking about the viewer that took pictures of you, this time without the choppiness of when it was live. I will have to admit that it doesn’t seem like you were laughing at him as it seemed before, but rather you were actually happy about having such devoted fans that would even go so far as donating to you.

    However, I also think you need to stop caring about what chatters say about you. It only take a second for us to write things in chat, often without even thinking, so don’t take everything that is said so seriously. Most of us viewers are only halfway listening to the stream while doing other work or surfing other sites at the same time. Misinterpretation will happen, and that is why celebrities have PR people. Some people might come in to chat with the intent to be mean, and you can’t really do anything about it other than ignore or ban them. But you have many fans, including myself, that think you are an interesting lifecaster, and try to be respectful. In fact, in the past, I have even tried to stick up for you in your chat when other troublemakers came in. But if my comments were uncalled for this time, then I apologize. And don’t worry, I won’t send the muni police after you. 🙂

  4. Scott- I remember the times when you have had my back around the “troublemakers” and I like having you in the chat. I should listen to the others and not care what others say about me, but it’s a hard thing to do. You are not a trouble maker!

    Please, even if you did call the muni police they would not be able to ticket me!

  5. I’m so glad the wound has been mended.

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