Posted by: sarahmeyers | August 7, 2007

Slim Aluminum Apple Keyboards

Okay, so I realize I have slipped a bit with not posting for two days and then posting late tonight. I’m trying to post once or twice a day, but this weekend wore me out with the panel discussions I attended and filmed for the private live stream on Ustream over the weekend. I’m now focused on my blog and I will try to pump out more daily posts.

Today was a big press day at Apple. They came out with some cool new products and the one I can’t wait to get my hands on are the new keyboards. There is one wired and one wireless. I like the tactile feeling of laptop keyboards because that is what makes me type the fastest. Now you don’t have to deal with the hard bulky keys of the old keyboards where you have more energy exerted in pushing down hard enough to make them stick.

I could not go down to Apple with Giz to make videos, but Brian Lam made a great video where you can see his review.

The larger wired keyboard looks like the old Apple keyboards and the small wireless keyboard is like the MacBook keyboard. On the small one, however, there is no number pad and the arrow keys are tiny. All of the new ones are thin and low to the desk, but slightly raised in the back so it does not bother your wrists so much.

I hope they release a full sized keyboard that’s bluetooth soon because I would like to have a wire free large keyboard for my desk.

Check out the original post on Giz with the full sized pic.



  1. I’ve never really been a mac fan but then again I don’t have much experience with them. I’m looking into getting another computer preferably a laptop so maybe I’ll get a macbook pro. Everyone seems to love theirs and from my understanding you can do things on the mac platform that you can’t in windows. I did catch some pics of the apple conference from a website that justine was telling everyone to go too earlier while it was going on. I did enjoy what i saw so I’m considering it as an option. With products like these, apple will be around for a long time and some day maybe push past microsoft.

  2. for sure! Apple has a lot to offer!

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