Posted by: sarahmeyers | August 7, 2007

Zooomr’s Founder Kristopher Tells All

Kristopher Tate and I became friends through my friend Tantek at his party about five months ago. As the founder of Zooomr Kristopher is a promising entrepreneur and I am a big fan of their CEO, Thomas Hawk. Both Thomas and Kristopher are photographers and view their site, Zooomr from the perspective of a user. If you go to you will be able to find Kristopher’s live show on photography!



  1. Where is dori?

  2. Well, did he give it to you?

  3. I think I love dori.

  4. no he did not give it to me! He totally should!

  5. yes he should! it’s messed up that he won’t, tell him eithr you get it or you’re gonna be slash whatever. just to spite him.

  6. Pretty please 😉

  7. hehe! Ya Kristopher- pretty pretty please!

  8. I’ll reserve you ‘/sarah’ on the website I’m going to launch next month !

  9. Out of curiosity — the mp3 recording seems pretty clear, and the gadget you are holding seems to be small enough to carry around easily — what make and model is that?

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