Posted by: sarahmeyers | August 8, 2007

Megavideo VS YouTube

According to Tech Crunch Megavideo, a video site based out of Hong Kong, is trying to compete with YouTube, saying they are better for ten reasons. These reason are as follows:

  1. Video publishers can earn money through a rewards program
  2. Publishers can also earn money through AdBrite in-video advertisements
  3. Users can move the playback position to anywhere in the video
  4. The website supports twenty languages
  5. The video player can be customized to match the designs of websites where you want to embed
  6. There is no maximum playtime for video uploads
  7. Video conversion takes no more than 30 minutes
  8. Videos can be uploaded in batch
  9. Original video files can be downloaded
  10. Megavideo loves you more than YouTube

Instead of taking money for banner ads, that the site has none of, they are trying to make money from charging the users. If you want a more premium set up you can upload up to 5GB of video for a monthly fee. The premium members are also allowed to download video to keep.

I wonder what the other users who are not paying th premium price will think about them downloading their videos. I wouldn’t want that and even if I were a premium member I would want more than 5GB.



  1. It’s been found that around 98% of users of these types of sites are categorised as ‘consumers’ and 2% as ‘producers’. I can’t remember where I read that, I dare say you can Google and find it.

    Trying to make money from 2% of your customer base (the video uploaders in this case) isn’t smart when the other 98% (the consumers) are costing you mega bucks because they are downloading terabytes of video.

    Which means they must be depending upon their share of the pre-roll advertising as their major revenue stream… but when you have massive amounts of inventory to shift CPM rates can be less than $1, as Facebook has found, so unless you have mega volumes you will not cover your fixed costs.

    But then again, maybe that’s why the called themselves Megavideo.

  2. megaupload are sloww eventhough the server in hongkong… even in asia. (malaysia)
    youtube a lot faster..

  3. pros and cons for YouTube and Megavideo:
    -faster video clip buffering
    -the most well-known video website
    -all types of users will experience the same standard and quality of the website
    -no subscription rates to browsers with accounts
    -has a community on its own

    -most uploaded videos have poor video quality
    -mostly filtered videos are in good condition
    -poor site GUI

    -all uploaded videos are in high quality (uploaded videos are filtered automatically)
    -more benefits will gain when subscribe to premium account
    -there are rewards for regular usage of the site (e.g. downloading, uploading, earning money, etc.)
    -good site GUI
    -well-organized video clips

    -videos take long time to buffer
    -subscription rates are quite complicated, esp for average users and browsers
    -most users are not aware of the site’s existence, as they still use YouTube

  4. Hmm…lets see if I can add my two cents:

    I use Youtube but I dont really like it. I would subscribe to Megaupload but I’m broke.

    For now I use both just for different things. I use Youtube for music and watching videos on things I’m interested AMVs and Video Games. I use Megaupload to watch my favorite shows from foreign countries.

  5. I hate YouTube. Over Rated and hated by many. MegaVideo is a lot better for so many reasons.

  6. Interesting to see a company coming out of Hink Kong trying to compete with a player who has dominated the vertical. Anyway, for those interested – and wanting to get site traffic and make money with videos on Youtube and MegaVideo – read this detailed step by step instruction …

  7. to the 98%, 2% guy: Most of this 98-percentile are the ones that’ll want to download the original. This site hosts many full television shows and movies, and with the ability to download the original video file before it is inevitably removed for violation of terms, is a definate perk. I’m aware that there are many ways to get the same movies and tv-shows for free, but some ISPs block torrents or limewire.


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