Posted by: sarahmeyers | August 12, 2007

First Video Blog- Stranglehold

The now video game, Stranglehold, launched for the x360 and the PS3, and PC versions are coming soon! I went to the party to film this video for Kotaku, a blog about video games, to film this video to be the first video blog about the product. The party was nice. They had it catered with mini hamburgers and meatballs. Besides the good food they had many stations where you could play the video game on all platforms.

It was overall a great party and a good game. Glints are these light things that look like stars and you shoot at them and if they fall on your enemy you get extra style points for killing them.

PS3, x360 and the PC are the platforms you can play the game on. You can jump on carts and roll around while shooting and fighting that seems pretty unnatural. You can run up the railings only if they light up. The Tequila bomb, that you have to earn, allow you to shoot everyone within range. You press a button to get a barrage and to get a precision aim that allows you to shoot continuously. The graphics with this effect are very cool because they allow you to see close ups of blood and all the guts.

Xbox launched already and the others will be coming soon.



  1. I believe it’s Stranglehold and not Strangehold =P

  2. Yeah, Johns right

  3. corrected thanks

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    These are fantastic! Great job my friend.
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