Posted by: sarahmeyers | August 14, 2007

Barney Pell And Powerset

Last week, for Valley Wag, I attended the Power Set Lunch 2.0 at their offices on Brannon Street in the South of Market area. The food was tasty and I helped myself to some fruit and a hot dog that was nicely catered beside a patio filled with matching tables and chairs.

This was a press filled event! I mingled with the Uncov guys who introduced me to reporters from the Wall Street Journal and the LA Times- this sure goes to say that they are getting a lot of press. Speaking of press, I have no idea why Barney Pell said he would do an interview with me after the last one.

In our previous interview I caught one of his employees on camera talking about how they claim their demo works. He says, “We have a demo where you can, like, search web pages and get results, like, like, books by children versus books for children…and that’s what we claim we can do…we’ll see in a year.”

Anyone would agree that Barney Pell should not have talked to me, Sarah Meyers. But he did and became terribly aware of the problem with his image after the video that ran on Valley Wag today. I was just doing my job by making the video, but I don’t want to upset Barney’s integrity with other journalists or with his PR and I hope that does not happen.

At 5:44pm, when I was lifecasting on, Barney calls me to tell me how upset he is with the video. He felt that I was making fun of him in a mean way. He insisted that it be removed. The conversation lasted for over five minuets and ended with me telling him I don’t care if we take it down and that I don’t think the video makes me look good either. I don’t think it makes either of us look that bad, however, it’s just a snip 44 seconds of entertainment. The battery on the bluetooth mic ran out of juice when I was filming and it was the other’s decision to do a funny voice over about my weekend plans. It’s been done before.



  1. I know this video wasn’t meant to be entertaining but it was so much better (funnier) with the voice over of your weekend plans than it would have been as powerset promotional video, erm I mean ‘interview’.

    I predict that Powerset will be another Webvan. While they may deliver a product it will never live up to the promise.

    If you ever to their offices, you must count the number of Herman Miller chairs per employee 😉

  2. Ha! Very 1.0

  3. I know Webvan, and PowerSet is no Webvan!

  4. breckin meyer shirtless

    Man i love reading your blog, interesting posts !

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