Posted by: sarahmeyers | August 15, 2007

Drink Tequila Shots and Shoot Tequila Style

I like Mary Jane’s write up on the Stranglehold release party we attended last Thursday. She says

“Since all actions are context sensitive, you’re constantly struggling to find your bearings. You’ll inadvertently slide backwards across tables. You’ll get trapped by objects. You’ll wind up in alcoves and corners uncertain of how you got there. Set pieces feel overly staged. The game is just begging you to take that dining trolley for a ride. ”

I agree with the dining trolleys in some levels where I found myself jumping on them and riding around. The one thing I like about the game is how it is context sensitive levels prevent you from firing a tequila bomb or something like that. You have to find your bearings before you can act and that takes a split second to figure out before fire.



  1. Nice descriptive narration.

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