Posted by: sarahmeyers | August 29, 2007

Miss USA Or Miss Stupid?

I have never seen anything like this from a beauty contest. Could someone please tell me what this is doing to impact our culture?



  1. Okay, that was hilarious and sad. I just saw another clip and she answerred the question perfectly. Chalk it up to nerves, not stupidity.Thank God.

    Take a look.

  2. I think she just got frightened and when the mind started to boil she went back to her preparation. She took parts from each prepared response and shoved it out on National TV. It was quite a mishmash.

    She just plain got stage fright. Compared with the fifth place finish she had she got plenty of publicity. Probably more than the winner. How many recall the winners state? Everyone will recall Ms South Carolina!

  3. Yes, she was a bit nervous allright.

    A tiny fumble such as this ain’t gonna have an impact on culture.

  4. @Andrew- I think it already has. If you go to You Tube right now you will see that it is on the 2nd page of most viewed all time.

  5. how i maked for have one site like you?

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