Posted by: sarahmeyers | September 2, 2007

U.S. To Hit Iran

In a three day plan the U.S. is to hit Iran big time? Sources rumor that the covert mission is already underway. As it has leaked from various different places. We are heading over to attack the suspected Iran locations that are said to be creating Uranium and in three days we are supposed to clear out their nuclear power. One perspicacious observation may say that this attack is going to bring out a mighty retaliation from Iran on the U.S. It seems like the transient three day attack will yield for attacks on us far greater than we could imagine.

I think it is important to know where you are getting your information from in regards to all this. Perhaps this video may help you see who to trust.



  1. I dont buy anything on any of the news channels because every channel is so slanted. Just because fox is saying this (this might also be slanted because all this guy did was tie together almost all fox clips and maybe 3 non fox). I do have to say, people should not believe everything they see or hear on tv.

  2. GWB is on his way out and most likely a democrat will win but if a republican wins they will have to think twice if they want to attack someone else.

  3. It scares me that Bush has nothing to lose at this point, and Fox News just scares me in general. Still, though I believe the attack plans are so ready that they could be executed at any moment, I don’t believe it will happen unless Iran does something major to provoke us and provide an acceptable “excuse.”

  4. @Chris, I hope that Iran does not do anything to provoke us and that this all settles down. Fox scares me too.

  5. Your post conveys, in my opinion, one of the biggest challenges of the whole “war in Iraq” episode, and that is: “What information do we trust?” One news feed tells us one thing. Another news feed tells us another. The government shares some information. Other people not trusting what the government says, provides opposite “facts.” Republicans and Democrats all oppose each other across party lines and it seems like people are rather quick to speak and don’t take time to listen or to try to understand each other. There are times when I think that it was right to go into Iraq, and that Saddam needed to be taken out. But then I wonder: at what price? The body count keeps piling up. The “surge” doesn’t seem to be working. US presence seems to have only escalated the violence and solidified resentment against American presence there as well as made the civil war more intense. The USA denies that it contributed to that, but we see what we see. At the beginning there were catch-phrases like “shock and awe” and “surge” but they seemed to speak more about arrogance than the hoped-for effect. Then you hear we need to have patience, and give it time to work. But how much longer? Then every once in a while you hear someone say that there are good things happening there – and that usually from a soldier or some other report that doesn’t come from the mainstream media or anti-bush press. I sometimes wonder if Saddam in power, even today, would have been a lesser evil than having 3500 troops killed and billions spent and sunnis and shiites killing each other. We’ll never know. But we sure have many differing opinions and information sources out there. Even after all this time I’m still not 100% certain as to many of the details of what’s going on. But one thing I’m sure about. It sure would be nice to see it come to an end. I”m also sure that the radical Islamic threat is something that will not just fade away. I’m also pretty certain that we’re in a catch 22 – between having to take some sort of defensive measures to protect ourselves – and at the same time maintaining some presence to prevent an all-out destruction of the society over in Iraq that we helped to interrupt…and, to let the radicals know there are reprisals for their actions. If we go into Iran, however, we’ll be all the more strained with an already tired military. I don’t envy bush or the next president. But the information machines will continue to put their spin on the news and people will continue to be polarized. Lets continue to call for a decisive end to the war, while continuing to encourage the troops who obey the call and serve their country well.

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