Posted by: sarahmeyers | September 8, 2007

Internet Celebrities

I found this video on New Tee Vee earlier this morning. It’s up to half a million views on You Tube and has been passing through blogs in a viral way. ZeFrank and Rocketboom got a mention in the video. What ever happened to ZeFrank anyway? Has he moved on to bigger and better things or do you think the Internet is where he will emerge again?

What do all these Internet people have in common anyway?



  1. I just love this video…I already saw it on youtube and I’m surprised how fast it’s turning up everywhere. Ah well…That’s what happens when something goes viral.

    What they have in common? Not much I think. They each just had a combination of luck and a good idea. There’s so much great stuff out there online that nobody notices and never goes viral.

    One of my favorite ‘internet people’ is ask a ninja by the way.

  2. dude that was brilliant

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