Posted by: sarahmeyers | September 9, 2007

Mass Media Hegemony Tactics

I found this video via Waxy that was posted on the Onion.

Television seems to draw the most attention, since it is found in 98.2 percent of homes in the US and is the primary media source immediately accessible to children and adults alike on a day to day basis. In a census from 2000, 93.5 percent of adults watch TV, 84 percent listen to the radio, 79.3 percent read newspapers and 45.5 percent access the Internet. TV is commonly used for creating hegemony where one value system dominates all others.

The author of Society and Technological Change, Rudi Volti, claims that by age 18 the average American adolescent has watched about 18,000 people being strangled, stabbed, shot, blown up, drowned, raped and beaten to death. As the Onion video sarcastically points out, it’s sad how violence can be used to create hegemony. If you watch the video until the very end you will see what I am talking about.



  1. yeah, things are very messed up on tv and elsewhere. I’m not even going to get started. I’ll just say that more people should do reports like this and people need to wake up to what is being done to them. Good report sarah

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