Posted by: sarahmeyers | September 12, 2007

Secret: Model’s Investing

Today is the last day of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2008 collection runway shows.

I went back stage at the Salon for Milly by Michelle Smith in Bryant Park, Manhattan to ask models in the show what they are or will be investing in now and for the future. I found some models say that their parents take care of their money until they are old enough to manage the money on their own. Others said they are or want to invest in companies, education and real estate. The Milly Show was live on on Monday, September 10th at 2pm.

Some of the models have their parents advise them on where to invest while others have financial advisers show them the good places to invest their money. This video was sponsored by Vestopia.



  1. Great video. Sarah Meyers Rocks. She is a real up and coming video journalist that will become a household name. This video is well shot, well scripted and well edited. Hopefully when you see this and are looking for great talent and a have a need for great talent then you will take a second look. If you don’t then you are missing out.

  2. Thanks, I have to agree it was well scripted and well shot. I don’t want to boast too much thought. I did learn from the models. You don’t need a financial planner to tell you where to invest. All you need is some place (like fashion week) to go where you can see what everyone else is investing in.

  3. Great video and an excellent issue to highlight. A couple of my family members were in the industry and they made no real preparations for the future in terms of investment and are paying for that now so I was pleased to see that issue raised. Hopefully it will encourage some people newly entering the business to think of the future and plan wisely. As for the video itself: nice punchy editing and the interviewer kept a low profile so the subject matter was foremost 10/10. Said a lot in a short time. Great work.

  4. I had no idea that there is a website with pretty straight fowrad financial advice. It will be even gratte if the site could get some sort of more personal blog touch, and people can ask some of their favorit investor some questions. anyhow I saw your lifecast form the fashion site. You got un-reporterlike voice and approach made your interview more interesting than run though the mill E! one 🙂 Keep it going and be urself

  5. How did you get access to such an amazing fashion show? The video give me my green eye!! you must take me with you next time.

  6. In my opinion, everyone’s finances are just as individual as they are. While it’s important to study trends and what others are investing in, it’s just one piece of the money puzzle. Just because many people are investing a certain way, it’s not a good idea to jump in and follow the crowd. Investigate what they’re investing in, why, and how. If it will suit your plan, make the decision on your own.

    I have yet to check out Vestopia, it’s on my list. Financial advisors are also an individual preference. Many people work with one at the beginning of their investment “career” to learn the ropes. Some people choose to go on their own, some stay with the advisor, some use the advisor just for their advice (imagine that, ha!).

    Day trading, penny stocks, .COMs, and even some real estate investments looked great at the time because they had a lot of people’s attention. Many fell flat, yet some (few) paid off.

    Nutshell: Study all the options available to you, choose what’s right for you. It may not be what’s right for someone else. Oh, and good luck!

  7. Right, right, correct me if I am wrong, but is the “social proof” theory not used as a marketing tactic? I agree with the fact that this is an assumption we are speaking of. Critical thinking is being able to take assumptions and question them. In this light, you could say that birds flock to the money, but only some get the bread.

  8. You bet that “social proof” is used in marketing! It’s a great and effective tool. Unfortunately, some people (not saying you, Sarah) basically say to themselves, “Hey, they’re doing it, so should I!” and not take the critical thinking approach – or maybe not far enough.

    It’s human nature to look around and see what others are doing and check it out for yourself. Marketers know this and use it to their advantage bringing attention to their product. You see it all the time in ads: a group of “average moms” sitting in a panel-type “interview” on television discussing how cleaning products they’ve all used have a harsh smell and gritty residue… and how great/safe this other product is to use around their children. Models on the runway or in a photo shoot wearing the next clothing trend. Groups of people in a music video displaying a certain self-image. The list goes on and on. This is one of the most powerful marketing tools out there. And it works.

    I could go on about the whole “mediated reality” situation, but not right now.

    Your example of birds flocking and only some getting the reward is the proverbial hammer hitting the nail on the head.

  9. Models thinking about investing is a very cool idea. And I am glad to see you pursuing you craft.

    Good lucK!!!

  10. Great job. The models seem bright without acting bright, if that’s possible. Why are we surprised to find out they do normal, intelligent things? And why are we satisfied when they confirm their stereotype? Maybe it makes us feel smart.

    Keep it up.

  11. Great interviews!

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