Posted by: sarahmeyers | September 14, 2007

iPod Touch

This shows you the iPod Touch like no other video I have seen on You Tube. It’s like the iPhone minus the camera and the phone part.



  1. I would buy the Touch in a second if I didn’t already have an 8 GIG iPhone. The iPhone is the best cellphone I have ever owned!!!

  2. very cool..

  3. it’s as thin as a cookie. very cool.


  4. Not as thin as the new Apple Keyboards.

  5. Is it true you can not add new dates to calendar with it?

  6. i think its really cool. the thing is i’m already an at&t cell phone so if i were to get one i would just end up getting the iphone.

  7. Ipods are way too expesive for what you get…they grow old too fast.

  8. Overpriced. Buy an iPhone!

  9. @Dave- I have not heard that yet. It would not make much sense since the selling point of Apple is bringing the mobile, laptop and desktop together so that the information is shared between them all.

  10. Hrmm, I’ll tell you what does interest me. The new iPod Nanos!

  11. BTW this is the code Justine has on her page for Paypal

  12. great music site for the ipod touch: touch you can also build a playlist on the main site and it shows up on the ipod touch instantly

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