Posted by: sarahmeyers | September 17, 2007

Nina Garcia Live Today (Not)

Today at 7:00PM EST there will be a book signing and discussion with Nina Garcia, author of The Little Black Book of Style. This will take place at the Manhattan Columbus Circle Borders Books. Nina is a fashion director at Elle magazine and judge on Project Runway.

Update: I sat down in the front row to film the event when the manager told me it was not permitted. I decided to leave Borders Books since I was not able to film it. There are going to be times where I have to set up the screenings in advanced so that they know I am coming! Or so that I can find out if I may put it in my calendar.

I encourage everyone to give their input and suggest events to put on my calendar at Sarah@SarahMeyers.Net.

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  1. sounds like fun. maybe I’ll meet you down there.


  2. It’s great that you do scheduled event. I have no clue who those people are, but I ‘ve heard of project runaway. It will be great to watch you talk to the author Nina (the fashion director of Elle!). Can’t wait and can’t miss it.

  3. I am adding all my events to the schedule on so keep yourself posted!

  4. When you meet her , you’ re gonna have to ask her on what to buy for optimizing your winter 2007 clothing style 😉 ??

  5. Oups i meant winter 2008..

  6. @klareo- I will ask her that, thanks for the tip 🙂

  7. thats a real bummer, I hope your luck begins to change sarah, I sent you a bit of mine, I have plenty to spare.

  8. Hi Sarah,

    My experience tells me that most people who aren’t experienced dealing with camera and microphone reacts poorly. Saying, “Only with prior arrangement,” is such a common & thoughtless responce.

    But the good news (I learned in my past experience) is that once I got a regit sounding conneciton (web page/business card) I can get into almost anywhere (which you already did many times) and if I were you, I would not be afraid of contacting the like of authors, publishers or media figure in advance. You’ll be suprized how quickly people responds to request for interview.

    After all, what better way to ensure the quality broadcast and an opportunity to network at the same time?

    GOoooOood Hunting!

  9. Your right about that! Having appropriate business cards handy will go far. I should have them on me next time and act more official, but I think the best thing to do is just call in advanced to ask if I may film.

  10. […] Monday at 7:00pm I went to Borders books at Columbus Circle to see Nina Garcia, editor of Elle Magazine, […]

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