Posted by: sarahmeyers | September 18, 2007

Justin.TV Life-cast Settings

The most frequently asked question I get is about getting set up to go mobile. The set up for a lightweight laptop will be 1,000-1300 for the laptop, 30-100 dollars for the web cam and 60 dollars a month for EVDO. I suggest getting Verizon because they have good coverage.

9-17-07-u1010.jpg The Fijistu Lifebook U1010. Its lighter than the Sony Vaio that I am running off of now. I found a sweet write up about the computer on Engadget.

Heres to Alan and everyone else who is thinking of life-casting.

I recommend Adobe’s Flash Media Encoder to transcode:

Preset: custom


Video size: 320×240

FPS: 15.00

Bitrate: 100 that is not deinterlaced


Sample Rate: 11025

Bitrate: 20

In your preview you should always check up on your video input, output video and audio settings.


Dealer is a channel hosted by Alan, on Justin.TV. He is a funny guy who is known for his extreme interaction with the audience. Keep watching Alan on Dealer for live phone calls and funny animations. Alan asked me about my settings and how to go about going mobile.



  1. Oh wow. I never new such a small laptop existed. With such a detailed instruction, Allen the dealer shalt not have deal with 20 min lags he always talk about. At any rate, we are all looking foward your event coverage tonight. What is the model # of vaio you are running off the lifecast?

  2. Wow. I want one….a little lightweight laptop I mean….not an Alan. We already have an Alan for free 🙂 Yes, a little slip of a gal reporter on the fast moving mean streets of NYC needs as light a laptop as possible for those mobile webcasts.

  3. thats cool, i’m gonna start a lifecast. thanks sarah
    and great job at the comic book event tonight!

  4. Ya that was great! The best part was when Casey from Galacticast came into the chat and asked all the guys what their favorite indie comic is!!!

  5. Hey Sarah,

    I really liked your explanation of a lap top that one can use for lifecasting. That was nice of you to advertise Dealer 🙂

  6. @Dori-

    Ya, I think he thinks so too because he wrote me an email saying so. I told him he is supposed to put that in the comments, but he said he wasn’t sure he knew how to figure it out. I wish he would take part in out conversation. He’s got a good show on JTV so I hope we stay tunned.

  7. Hey Sarah,
    The settings worked perfectly. I tested them today and had almost no latency at all. Now i just need to figure out how to jusggle the laptop and camera when im walking around. Its very uncomfortable and gaudy i feel like people are staring..Thanks for taking the time to write that all up. Enjoy your shows! Have a great night!

  8. Hi Dealer (Alan),

    Thanks so much for reading and using the settings. I’m happy I could help with your latency problems and give you some advice. I can relate to “juggling” all the equipment in public while talking and walking. But, you will get the hang of it!

  9. Hey Sarah, just wondering how you found me on Twitter. It’s nice to know a fellow lifecaster. I’m doing it so I’d “never forget”. I’ve got my setup in photos as well. That Fujitsu does look sexy 😉

  10. It’s too bad that Dealer Alan has quit broadcasting on JTV. Some of us will miss him.

  11. Any idea why Dealer alan left?

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