Posted by: sarahmeyers | September 19, 2007

Booted At Borders Books


On Monday at 7:00pm I went to Borders books at Columbus Circle to see Nina Garcia, editor of Elle Magazine, with my web cam already turned on prior to my entrance. Upon sitting down the manager of the event called his lords to see if they would allow me to film the book discussion and signing. They rejected me within five minuets. I left without being able to listen or participate in the discussion. To my surprise someone else was able to grab a photo of Nina Garcia for me and send it to my email. Scott, aka esss, from the chat went to Borders hoping to get a picture of Nina and I, but was disappointed when he found I wasn’t there. He wanted to know how I feel about meeting fans in the email. This is what he wrote: “I’m not sure how you feel about meeting fans. Is it creepy or cool?” My response is that it just depends on the fan. If something creepy happens then yes that would be creepy, but going to attend an event to meet or take pictures is not creepy at all. That’s why I put the address and locations of where I will be on the calendar.



  1. Their “Lords”, thats great! I don’t think I’m creepy, just a lonely or not even really lonely, more like just a loner georgia boy who thinks your pretty cool. peace out sarah. e.c.

  2. Borders books? Borders Books?! Pah! Thats what I say. PAH! I shall boycott Borders books in protest. There are no Borders bookshops here in the UK as far as I am aware, so I’m pretty sure that my boycott will be total… but not that effective. However, I could refuse to cross any borders or read any books…but I’m not as sure of my full commitment to that protest. And anyway, that would just be silly. And I am nothing if not sober and serious-minded 🙂 Anyway, you did your best Sarah.

  3. Borders will not be the first. There will be many more to come! I just need to get used to being kicked out. I’m one of the best at that 🙂

  4. Very nice this blog =)

  5. […] Meyers was recently booted out of a book reading in New York. Less surprisingly, another Justin.TV lifecaster, Ronald Lewis, […]

  6. You do realize that having a camera does not entitle you to film wherever and whenever you like. If you really wanted to see Garcia, you could have shut the camera off and stayed. You should keep in mind that not everyone wants to be your subject. Show some respect

  7. I really didn’t care to see Garcia, even if she is the editor of Elle, I went there for the people who wanted to watch it. I show respect, thanks.

  8. […] Crunch has more stories including one about someone who I actually like getting thrown out of a book reading for putting it on […]

  9. Lifecasters are the real culprits, not the hosts for their videos.
    Remember that!


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