Posted by: sarahmeyers | September 19, 2007

Mint Wins TechCrunch40 $50,000 Prize


Jason Calacanis announces that the winner of TechCrunch40 is Mint. Tech Crunch gives them a good review. “Their application tracks bank, credit union and credit card transactions and alerts users to upcoming bills, low balances or unusual spending. Mint’s patent-pending technology automatically categorizes transactions, so users know with precision where they are spending money, what their bank and credit balances are, and how much interest they have earned.”

I’m interested in personal finances and that is why I helped Mint out when they were looking to get someone to start working for them. I made this video and I posted about mint almost one month ago and went to visit their offices in Mountain View, California. The best part is they have a ping-pong table you can play at during break hours.



  1. good report sarah. I will check out the site. May give me some tips on how to better manage my meager income. debt=slavery.
    peace. e.c.

  2. I’m trying to manage my personal finances too. 🙂 It’s one of the hardest things to do especially in the current state of our economy today!

  3. for real. unfortunately and truthfully things r going to get much worse and very soon. It has begun to spiral out of control. You wouldnt know from watching the mainstream media, thats why we need good people like you to help bring to light the darkness around us. Not sure what I am going to do if things get real bad, but I trust the Lord will continue to give me insight, wisdom and guidance in the trying times ahead. We must keep our spirits high and our minds clear. 🙂 peace

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