Posted by: sarahmeyers | September 21, 2007

Life-caster Meet-up Live Tonight

Nekomimi_Lisa and I are meeting up for the second time at Yello in Manhattan. This meet-up will be live on both her channel and mine on Justin.TV. I’m a life caster who is there for my fellow life caster friends on Justin.TV and elsewhere so I would not want to miss this for anything. This is to all you life casters out there: don’t forget to call me when you need a friend! I am hoping the service is good so we may pick up good EVDO coverage. The party is to celebrate the birthday of Bre’s girlfriend, Lux, from Make Magazine, who is also a regular on Rocketboom. Bill Cammak and Richard Blakeley will be there too. Please join the fun and watch us live.



  1. hi its me again. sara looked great tonight. she sounds like an angel when she talks I dont know what shes saying but i like the way she says it!

  2. I had a great time watching the cast. You are so nice to be available for neko who was having not the best time of her life. Neko often talk about how she do not want to go live in NYC b/c of poor coverage…but your location casting always comes out good; tonight’s you had a better audio tha neko and stable video feed, so I think EVDO coverage was good! I thought it was interesting to see you having conversation about being available for audience and what not. At any rate, your great nature and funny streak is what makes your channel enjoyable.

    Go Cooogs!

  3. Looked like alot of fun last night! hangover today? lol
    bye 🙂

  4. It was fun wasn’t it? Thank goodness we avoided anything like a hangover.

  5. Hey Sarah! 😀

    Had a great time @ Lux’s birthday. Glad you made it out. Lisa’s really cool. Thanks for introducing us. 🙂

  6. heyyyy :p
    i missed some cos i fell asleep hope ya had a good night though x

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