Posted by: sarahmeyers | September 24, 2007

Halo 3 for Xbox360 Launch Live Tonight

Tonight marks a night of madness as Halo 3 releases first in New York. I will have my live web cam there capturing the event located in the heart of 5th Ave and only a few blocks from Times Square at the Best Buy store. I will be the first to capture the event along with Spike TV and G4. People who wear costumes and make signs may get to play Halo 3 prior to launch against on site celebrities from this afternoon until midnight.

There will be give aways to those who are part of the excitement. Collectibles, t-shirts, accessories and hats, console sling bags, Halo Uprising Comic’s, weapon replicas and Zune Halo 3 editions will be given away to the crowd. Right now there is a crowd waiting outside where they are waiting for the release at midnight. There will be a Bungie team of professional athletes will be “participating in the festivities.” I think they will be jumping off of buildings!

Watch sarah live video and chat on



  1. o0o0 cant wait 😛

  2. Its going to be a spectacle. If you have any suggestions for interview questions about Halo 3 let me know. Thanks.

  3. Wow. Sounds really exciting Sarah. Can’t wait for your coverage. You will have to try to have a go on the game while you are there…with us giving combat tips of course 🙂 I dabbled a bit with the first two games. A question to ask – if you get an interview – would be what are the key innovations in this game, compared to the first two? I look forward to watching. 🙂

  4. Ya! Great idea! I can feel the questions coming on!

  5. Hallo 3 ? Is that anything like that DOOM game? 😉 (yes I am over 30)

  6. lolz Andybob, I hope you can make it.

  7. 🙂 DOOM LOL! Wolfenstein too, aahhh the good ol’ days of gaming, hell yeah. I love pc games and FPS games, but never have got into the whole Halo series phenomenon, probably because I cannot stand playing FPS games with a controller, mouse & keyboard only for FPS here. I love Gametap, it rocks. Lots of classic games and new ones. HAVE FUN SARAH! 🙂

  8. Hi Sara,nice to see your weblog..visiting first time…all the best…

  9. You should try out Halo 3. I can see how the controller is, but with some getting used to you could rock it!

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