Posted by: sarahmeyers | October 3, 2007

New Zune and Pirillo Ad

Curious to know what that new Zune interface and software looks like? Wonder no more, Microsoft’s released some footage of the good stuff — but not before a few minutes of Allard and Gates hamming it up for the camera, and plenty of other less than interesting stuff that may or may not turn you off altogether to the social. In light of the Zune I included an ad made by Chris Pirillo who has a live tech show on Ustream.TV.

“I am completely addicted to Blabberize dot com. Upload a picture… add some voice content… and publish! Try it for yourself!” -Chris Pirillo.



  1. Heya Sara,
    Love your blog. Totally off topic here but have you looked into this neat app called “pocketcaster” The folks at Myspace used it to stream the first live concert cast back in August see STREAMING PROJEKT REVOLUTION on their website. They gave 5 people Nokia 95’s (3G) loaded with the software and they broadcast the event for 6 hours Well Nekomimi_Lisa just bought a n95 yesterday and has been testing it. Thought you might be interested. I know how much you are into event casting etc and just for the JTV crowd in general who aren’t familiar with it. It or another app like it could be a great way to harness this neat phone’s potential,n95
    to go mobile without the laptop, cam and evdo. Okay that’s all toodles.

  2. You know, I’ve never actually seen a Zune and how it works. Is it any good? Does it do anything better than the iPod, or is it pretty much the same thing?

  3. According to Engadget, the 5G iPod isn’t exactly known for its battery performance. The zune device layout is simple: static five way d-pad (that, of course, looks like a scroll wheel — more on that in a bit), dedicated back and play / pause buttons, a dock connector and audio-out port, and hold switch.

  4. I’m not sure why people make such a big deal out of the Zune. It’s just another music/video player. If it wasn’t made by Microsoft, it would barely be a blip in the news. That said, I’ve played with one and it’s a better player than most of the other ones out there. It certainly doesn’t have the cachet of the iPod though and with the new iPod Touch out it’s even more behind.

    Honestly, unless you want to lease music instead of buy or find the whole “social angle” compelling (I personally don’t, especially given how few other people actually have a Zune), I would just buy an iPod.

  5. I would buy an ipod touch. But, I Girlbytes comment makes me want to buy a n95. So what’s the big deal about the Zune?

  6. N95 looks cool. Would you actually be able to broadcast to JTV live with that?

    With regard to the iPod touch, I think I’m just going to buy an iPhone, since the Touch seems to be just a more limited version of it. The only thing stopping me right now is the crippled Exchange sync’ing. If my phone didn’t sync up with my calendar throughout the day, that would be painful.

  7. When are you going to get a job SARA MEYERS? LOL

  8. You mean your calendar on your desktop right?

  9. Yeah, my calendar on the Exchange server. People send me meeting requests and such all throughout the day while I’m away from my desktop. If my phone doesn’t sync those requests on to its calendar, I’ll probably miss some meetings.

  10. Yes, it’s good to have your mobile synched to your desktop, but how many people actually do that anyway?

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