Posted by: sarahmeyers | October 10, 2007

My New MacBook Pro

The day has arrived. I purchased my new MacBook Pro at the Apple Store on 5th Ave the other day. I will be making more videos with the built in iSight camera and posting them to my blog since it is so easy to record directly to You Tube these days.

It felt like christmas morning when I recorded this video. Some people commented that I was “weird” by smelling the keypad, but I’m telling you: it smells so fresh and clean.

Watch Sarah happy about her MacBook Pro on



  1. Lol what? =) This comment is as informative as the blog post. Give me a new laptop to! =)

  2. Rofl! I am testing with the code for the embed and I can’t seem to get the player to embed. So all the content now is the header and a few words I typed for a text sample. Does anyone know how to convert the embed codes for the wordpress blog?

  3. hell yeah! I can’t wait to get mine. That’s what these two video jobs are going to pay for. Well one of them at least. And you know I’ll be vlogging the whole thing… congrats girl.

  4. Thanks.


    I have not heard the news… What two jobs are you doing right now? Is that regarding the Live video stream and the edited videos or just two of one?

  5. Yes, yes yes! The MacBook Pro (Well, I just have a Macbook, but that’s neither here nor there)! Congrats on your purchase, I was just as happy when I got mine a while back, so I do feel your enthusiasm. Indeed, I, too, had to smell the keyboard when I got mine, so I don’t think it’s weird – it’s like opening a fresh can of tennis balls, or that new car smell, or the smell of newly printed paper. It just has to be done!

  6. I’m not smelling my MacBook anymore…. Tennis balls anyone?

  7. I guess the first step is to get rid of OS X and install Windows or Linux. Don’t get me wrong, but OS X seems to be built for users who need computers that work like toasters. Applications for OS X are limited, not to mention the archaic OS X interface that feels ’rounded’.

    Get under the hood with Windows or Linux.

  8. Gratz SaraH!

  9. […] news – check this out as […]

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