Posted by: sarahmeyers | October 14, 2007

Netvibes and Tariq Krim

Lindsay from Wall Strip sits down with my good friend Tariq Krim, the founder of Netvibes here in Manhattan the other week for this interview. "This intelligently freaky dude developed one of France's first messaging systems when he was still in elementary school" says Lindsay in her introduction of Tariq. Netvibes allows you to build wigits that work just about anywhere; Tariq says "with Netvibes you can provide very sexy widgets that are easy to use, we are like a marketplace for widgets."

Although Tariq is from France, he has been able to stop by many web 2.0 events in Silicon Valley and San Francisco. He's even thrown a good party for Netvibes at the hip Web 2.0 gathering hub, 111 Minna.

(Photo by Brian Solis)

This where I first me him while reporting for Bubblicious earlier this year at Justin Kan's one month party for his lifecast.
(Photo by Brian Solis)

Justin's 30-day celebration was provided by Scott Beale of the Laughing Squid.
(Photo by Brian Caldwell)

He even made it out for the big Digg one millionth user party at the Mezzanine in San Francisco. To the right is Brian Caldwell, a photographer friend who lives in the Bay Area.


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