Posted by: sarahmeyers | October 21, 2007

How To Pimp Your Profile, VJ’s, Vader Blues, Liam Lynch on Jet Set

A Video Jockey, VJ, is like a DJ, but instead of competing with the DJ the VJ compliments the music with visuals that are projected on white walls or screens. This Jet Set show is amazing and I love the variety of VJ’s they selected in the video blog.

The feature, half way through, talks about how to customize your profile the right way.

Here are the links:
1. Uniqlock
2. D-Fuse
3. DJ Mike Relm
4. Kurokawa
5. Actop
6. Shatner In The Sky With Diamonds
7. Paul Heriot
8. Worlds Worst Singer
9. Lolcat Bible
10. Your Tax Dollars Lying To You
11. Darth Vader Blues
12. Kompoz
13. Phat Drum Loops
14. Space Invaders Flash Game Challenge
15. Pete Wins
16. The Ministry of Unknown Science
17. Cacaman-aint got much of a Smile
18. Picnik
19. Snaplayout
20. Flixster
21. Flickr Widget
22. Last.FM Widgets



  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Sarah! 🙂 Hope to see you guys very soon!

  2. And I hope to see you guys soon. Going to PodCamp, Boston?

  3. Love me some JetSet. I reblogged this episode on my blog as well. Great stuff.

  4. It’s fantastic, but they changed their name!

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