Posted by: sarahmeyers | October 23, 2007

Worlds Best 2.0 Machine Invention

I went to the Maker Faire in Austin to live cast the event on my website and help out the Rocketboom collection. Rocketboom and I made over 80 videos of the Maker Faire. My favorite machine was made by an inventor, who works as a staff photographer for Popular Science Magazine. Gizmodo calls me their "semi-goddess" in their post of the story. I'm blushing on that one because I have never been called a semi-goddess before. I heart Giz the best.

[See more: Popular Science, Maker Faire, Gizmodo]



  1. of course the machine is cool, lets get to the real issue at hand.

    semi-goddess? only semi? that’s insulting. you’re definitely at full goddess status. or even uber-goddess for that matter.


  2. I think semi-goddess is perfect. Madonna is a goddess…

  3. She was the goddess at Maker Faire and on 6th street!

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