Posted by: sarahmeyers | October 27, 2007

Do It Yorself Lifecast


Will the world end up like me: having to film myself with arm extended? Or will the technology build upon devices that hold the camera for you? I'm looking for an extra hand to take this camera out of my hand. If you know anyone email me with cover letter: Sarah at Sarah Meyers dot net.



  1. Hahahaha…
    Interesting. Why don’t you spend more and get another pretty girl?
    Don’t you feel your arms aching…? Hahaha…


  2. I think you just need to work on the bicep of your camera arm.

    Of course human beings will gradually evolve one highly musclar arm as the whole world starts lifecasting, and natural selection ensures only people with musclar arms survive to breed the next generation of lifecasters.

  3. hahaha! We may all pattern our future like the evolution of the lung fish who has lungs and gills so it is possible to breath under water and on land. Maybe we will mutate to have three arms. The three arm lifecasters- run for your life!

  4. Hey Sarah! If you need something engineered for holding your camera, I could probably come up with some options.

    Nice logo at the top of the entry BTW 😉

  5. Hi mnparadox- Let’s do it. Could be fun to collaborate! Just shoot me an email at sarah at sarah meyers dot net. Thanks.

  6. Sarah,

    Is that a Sony TX notebook? Do you author videos on the windows platform?

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