Posted by: sarahmeyers | November 1, 2007

MacBook and MacBook Pro Quietly Updated

(Picture from this video)

Engadget is publishing that the rumors I have heard about a smaller more portable MacBook and MacBook Pro.
“The rumors were rampant about the pending upgrade; now the deal is done. The Apple MacBook has finally moved to the Santa Rosa architecture with a healthy GMA X3100 video bump from the lethargic GMA 950 of yore. Available now starting at $1,099 for the 13-inch, 80GB, 2GHz white model on up to $1,499 for the 160GB, 2.2GHz black variety of hard-posing laptop.

Update: The MacBook Pro can now be configured with an optional 2.6GHz Core 2 Duo for a $250 premium over the previous 2.4GHz flag-ship configuration.”

Updated: I just bought a MacBook Pro three weeks ago. I can’t get a MacBook Pro at 13″ with a 2.6GHz Core 2 Duo. if I pay $250 on top of the $2300 I payed for the notebook I would then get 160GB 2.2GHz upgrade.



  1. Macbook Pro’s only come in 15inch size. Macbook is still only 13 inch

    “I still need to confirm that I can get the MacBook Pro at 13″

    no macbook pro’s yet at that size

    maybe someday Sarahy

  2. Oh when that day comes I will have it. Small is best, but I will splurge the 250 on the upgrade for what I have now. I still love my MacBook Pro!

  3. I would love to see mac come out with a Flash Based Hardrive 13inch laptop that would be awesome.

  4. I know! That thought tickles my toes! Wouldn’t you just love to have a 13″ MacBook Pro with a 2.0 dual core 2.4Hz? Gimmmeh…mmmmm…

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