Posted by: sarahmeyers | November 7, 2007

Seesmic’s Loic Le Muir and Vinvin

I met with Loic Le Muir and Cyrille Vinvin of Seesmic. Now you can delete your videos on Seesmic! This is a necessary feature and makes me think that maybe Twitter will take notice. Loic went to see the Presidents of France and the US that day and I told him to ask what their favorite websites are.

It looks like the word is out there: I am launching a new daily live show this month. I have been working really hard on getting the site up and running along with gathering sponsors and partners for the launch. The focus of content is on entrepreneurship in tech and will expand to include everything in Internet culture. If you like Veronica Belmont or Webb Alert you may like this show too! One thing that will make it stand out is that it is going to be streaming live durring production so that you may hang out with me in the moment. It will also be available in short form for your iphone and download needs.



  1. Watching your show from the iPhone you just increased the numbers of viewers…

  2. exactly! I’ll be on iTunes and Miro too. The numbers will also increase with the right partnerships such as a partnership with Veoh.

  3. hello, we had the pleasure to see you with Loic le Meur, and Vinvin on the seesmic stream 🙂
    so welcome in our community !!

  4. Congrats your hard work has payed off.

  5. It was my pleasure. I am on Seesmic now so please add me. I have only updated one video because I can only upload .flv files and I’m trying to post the videos I already have in that format. I think it’s essential to erase the videos. Speaking of that, I’m going to erase some videos from my You Tube account right now.

  6. Thanks a lot!

    (it is Loic Le Meur, with a “e”) 🙂

  7. Hi Sarah,

    Can’t wait for your new show to start. We all miss you on JTV!


  8. Hi Andy, I hope you all understand that i have been working so hard on launching the show that I have not had the time to go live recently. I have always appreciated you participating in the shows in the past because of your passion for web 2.0 and entreprenuership support. Thanks for all your help in getting me to where I am.

  9. Aww. That was like 2 seconds that they interviewed you. I could have definitely asked much more questions! Miss you on JTV!
    – ♥

  10. I hope it was a good two seconds! I would love to come on JTV more. I’m working on it so just give me some time and I hope it’s much more worth your while!

  11. hi sarah! i’m olivier from france and I saw you with loic. In 1st would you marry me (joke but..)2°)well done, very good job
    je t’embrasse

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