Posted by: sarahmeyers | November 11, 2007

Concluding NBC’s Hacked iPhone “Drama”

(Via Gizmodo)

Last weekend I posted the You Tube video of the NBC Saturday Night Live parody on the hacked iPhone as a silly commercial. We managed to watch it before NBC pulled it down and laughed together at the SNL skit; we sat on the couch sharing our snickers and giggles. The video is still embeded in the previous post, but does not include the content of the SNL skit thus, some readers asked why did they take it down and why was the iPhone hacked. Apparently a well connected tipster says “…the hacked phone was never an nbc or writer decision. It was done out of convenience since that was the only way to shoot a phone with all of its features. if you look closley, in both spots you can see “NO SERVICE” in the upper left corner of the phone.”

Some readers thought that NBC was insulting Apple because of their previous disagreement.
However, given the director was unaware they filmed without noticing anything was wrong with the iPhone. It was still a funny video.



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