Posted by: sarahmeyers | November 12, 2007

Jason Calacanis Sly Self Promotion


I stopped by the Yahoo Videoblogging group today and found a thread that is out of the ordinary conversations one finds in this popular videoblogging group. Jason Calacainis displays the effects of guerilla marketing as he is causing the thread stirrup in response to his post “Advice on how to get to 100-250k views in a day (quickly)?”

From what I can see Mahalo Daily is a video blog that is supposed to act as a marketing tool for Mahalo. Jason is looking for advice on how to market his marketing tool. This is what he writes:

“We launched Mahalo Daily with Veronica Belmont last week as some of
you might know. You can find the show at and
on iTunes. We’re hosting it at Blip.Tv (for now) but considering some
other options since folks have been pinging us.

I’m looking for some advice on what we can do–other than make the
best show we can–to grow the view to 100k+ a day quickly.

We did over 120k views in the first week (about 12-37k views for each
of the first four shows) which is much more than I thought we would.
We’ve got our iTunes page running and we’re syndicating the videos to
YouTube and Facebook. We’ve also started a Facebook, Ning, Flickr, and
Twitter groups/accounts to compliment the program. They are getting
nice pickup.

On a business level, I’m wondering if there is anyone out there who
can bring in 100-250k views a day for show, perhaps in exchange for
exclusive hosting rights/advertising rights or something (i.e. Yahoo,
AOL, YouTube, etc).

Anyone have an distribution tips?
Has anyone done deals like this?

Mahalo for any help…

best J”

i blogged about this here

The videoblogging group is the largest group of it’s kind with the most authority and attracts many media and tech professionals. Here are the responses he is getting from the group:

“While it doesn’t break any rules for you to come ask this question, I find it rather insulting for you to do so without offering a gig or valuable advice to one or some of the people in this community. At best, you’re getting free consulting that devalues the hard-earned expertise of people here. At worst, you’re using this medium as a gimmick to start conversation about Mahalo Daily. Both are pretty gross.”

“I guess in the case of Mr Calacanis coming and posting on this list his question
could be construed as rather tasteless when the majority of people here are pretty happy
with getting single or double digit page views.”

Wow … I just caught up with the whole thread … damn you! Damn You Jason … LOL. Well I stand by my ideas, but must give you a big nod for self promoting in such a sly way …”

One woman writes in:

“I don’t know Veronica from sunshine, but I’m guessing she’s got a good rack. You don’t need much more than that and some low-cut, tight blouses and a bevy of good writers and guests to make the numbers you describe.”



  1. It strikes me that Calcanis is smart enough to know that the Yahoo Video Blogging forum isn’t the audience he wants to reach (content producers, not consumers) so wouldn’t bother to do a bit of ‘sly’ promotion as suggested.

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