Posted by: sarahmeyers | November 16, 2007

Tech Crunch 11/16 Event Tonight


I hope I am one of the first to blog about Tech Crunch’s Boston party at the Estate off of Boylston. At the party there were a number of companies demoing their products and giving their elevator pitches (video coming soon) while socializing and networking. Mike Arrington went on stage when saying his thanks for the night and asked everyone in the audience to raise their hands if they are an entrepreneur. Every other person in the crowd raised their hand. Then he asked all the investors to raise their hands. Three hands went up. I feel sorry for the suckers who raised their hands as VC’s because they were flooded after that with elevator pitches and more. Wow. Is is just me or are the number of investors interested in web 2.0 fading?

Of the companies there I enjoyed talking to:
Jeremy Allaire of Bright Cove
Gary Vaynerchuk Wine Library TV
Todd Clayton Core Blox
Kenneth J. Surdan Trip Advisor
Arlen Ritchie Moola
Karen Leavitt Mzinga



  1. You Should go to Anna’s Taqueria they have good burrito’s.

  2. So I took your advice and I went to Anna’s Taqueria and omg it is one of the highlights of my trip because the burrito was really good. It’s the best Mexican food on the east coast.

  3. That’s Awesome I love there Burrito’s. They are huge and not that expensive. I would always do a Twofer made up word. One to eat and one to go stick in my fridge. Glad you enjoyed


  4. It was a serious mission to find it though. It was all word of mouth as I didn’t look it up online. I had to take one subway train and one shuttle bus to get there. I actually caused me a 2 hour delay in Boston because I missed the express train to Manhattan, but it was worth it. 🙂

    I almost got one for the fridge, but decided not to instead. Okay- this thread of comments is totally unrelated to the post, besides both events happened in Boston, but that’s okay!

  5. The things we do for good food. LOL I”m from Boston so I’m glad you got to see lots of it and enjoy it.


  6. It was amazing how much energy there was in that room! CoreBlox was happy to help prove that Boston has it’s share of Web 2.0 action. Glad to meet you there!

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