Posted by: sarahmeyers | November 21, 2007

Don’t Get NBC’s Beta Software- Direct

Via NewTeeVee we found out that NBC Direct has sucked up 60 MB of RAM messing with the CPU of one’s computer. When going to install NBC Direct, a client software download service, you are prompted to download other components in order to download and play NBC Direct Beta videos. The following requirements are:

-NBC Direct Beta
-OpenCASE Media Agent
-Microsoft .NET 2.0 framework
-Microsoft Windows Media Player 10 or higher
I would not touch NBC Direct Beta Software with a 10 foot pole. For the sad souls who have some are reporting their computers crashing. Chris Gerdner says “We’re not trying to kill peoples machines.”

And “The NBC service is anonymous. You can see on the sign up process no personal info is captured at all. We do keep track of things like successful downloads, whether ads are viewed, connection acknowledgements & other networking communications, etc. But again, that data is not tied to any particular user and we capture no personal information at all. Think of the Media Agent as primarily a “download manager” with some extra capabilities for managing DRM licenses and supporting advertising so folks like NBC can take content they used to charge $2 for and make it free. (BTW, There are literally dozens of download managers out there. See for more info on what they do if you are personally curious.)”

They should have the latest version by tomorrow, but I’m going to wait on getting into Beta until I hear it’s a safe bet.



  1. Net Frameworks are needed for .Net programs. Makes programming easier and us US citizens more productive and that is what this country needs!

  2. I installed NBC beta but it did not fully install, now I can’t uninstall it andysuggestions

  3. Mine installed correctly to the best of my knowledge. But now I cannot uninstall and it says that I have a corrupted installer file!

  4. 60MB of RAM for an app is not that much now days, furthermore all those things that you listed are all perfectly legit programs and processes that any up to date Windows PC should have installed. This post is laughable.

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